I had what I thought was the flu in January. I ran fever, not high, but it made me feel terrible. After taking 2 weeks of antibiotics, I developed the sorest throat I've ever had. It felt like I was swallowing broken glass. My doctor's PA got a negative on a strep test, but he said my glands were swollen in my neck and my immune system seemed to shot. He gave me a shot of steroids and my throat was instantly better, but 4 days later it was beginning to hurt again. I asked him if it could be mono, and he said my fever was not high enough, and my throat was not very red. I still felt terrible and went back 2 weeks later and saw the MD. He told me he felt that I may be on the down hill side of mono and to take a steriod nose spray and allergy med for the constant drainage in the back of my throat. I am exhausted and I feel bad most days. I occasionally have good days, maybe 2, but it comes back. I am 60 years old, 5' 10" tall, and a little over (190 lbs) my ideal weight range. I work full time, and am very active in many other areas. I probably don't get the rest I need. I've had clinical depression since I was 16, but it wasn't diagnosed until I was 30. I am currently in the process of changing antidepressents. I did fairly well on Serzone for years until they pulled it off of the market. I don't do well with the new ones, they zone me out into a numb state and I hate that. I am back to trying Trazadone which I took many, many years ago. I am at 100 mg. daily so far, but am having a hard time because I feel so bad physically. Is there anything, short of quitting my job, that I can do to alleviate this tired, ill feeling I have? Along with the Flonase, I use the Climara patch, take an occasional Clonopin (more lately), have begun taking vitamins since all of this began, and I have an occasional (once a year usually) light out break of genital herpes, and have rosacea. I'm getting kind of scared because I feel so bad. There's so much I need to be doing and am overwhelmed by the prospect. Is there hope for me?