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ok i was feeling awful with an extremly sore throat, i went to the doctor and after a blood test it was determined that i had mono. that was 2 months ago. should i still be feeling terrible with symptoms now?

also, i smoke marijuana on a regular basis and that has been incredibly hard for me. ever since ive had mono my glands swell up when i smoke weed, sometimes to the point where it's hard to swallow and in like 2 instinces it was hard to breath because my mouth was soo swollen. is this normal in people with mono? or do i possibly have something else going on in my body? ive decided to stop smoking weed completly for now because the swelling is soo bad. id like to know if that has been slowing my recovery? and will this swelling when i smoke weed ever go away? what would be the best thing for me to do?


Mono is a long-lasting virus. If you don't take care of yourself, it can take several months or even years to go away.

I suggest you stop smoking weed for right now. It's obviously upsetting your lymphatic system, which is already trying to take care of the mono, since the virus often attacks the lymph nodes.

Go to a local health food store and purchase something called ASAP or Silver Biotics (same product, different names) from American Biotech Labs. This is a non-toxic silver supplement that kills everything from viruses to parasites. I had mono and this helped me a great deal.

If you get a sore throat, you can try using throat teas, also available at health food stores. I've used teas like Throat Coat or Throat Comfort and both have amazing beneficial properties when you're sick. These should also help your body heal.

You can support your lymphatic system by draining them. Take a hot bath. Make sure it's hot and not just warm; however, don't burn yourself. Be in the bath for about 20 minutes. This should cause you to sweat, which will help detox your body and drain your lymph nodes. After you get out of the bath and cool off so you're no longer sweating, drink enough water so you're no longer dehydrated (try to keep yourself hydrated, however) and put a pinch of salt in each glass. Use healthy salt. Not all salt is equal, so buy this at the health food store. I suggest you get Himalayan salt or Real Salt.