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I have been starting to feel sick for about a week now and thought I was getting mono from my fiance so I got a mono test that came out negative, however he didn't find out he had mono until 2 weeks into it cause it took a while for the symptoms to hit, anyways I had other stuff checked and my T4 and my TSH was high

my T4- 17.1 and my TSH was 5.45 and she suspected hypothyrodism and said I should get my thyroid checked, so Monday I am getting it checked, well for days now my lymph nodes have swollen and been very painful, my neck has been painful, my head feels painful like there's alot of pressure, I have developed chronic fatigue and have been so tired that all I wanna do is sleep and have felt extremely weak, my entire body has been hurting all over and today I noticed a lump was next to my thyroid, it was really hard, and there was a smaller one below it that was harder to feel, and it seems like all my lymph nodes are beginning to swell

should I be concerned that this could be hypothyroidism, thyroid cancer, mono, or something even worse like another kind of cancer? I have never felt so bad like this before, and so extremely tired, its insane

I am really worried, and I have done research and I actually came across leukemia and found out that I have most of it's symptoms but I don't think that's it, I just worry about thyroid cancer or another cancer, or mono or hypothyroidsm

someone help me out

I don't wanna have mono and hypothyroidsm at the same time, I would be ten times more miserable, or I don't wanna have mono and thyroid cancer at the same time, ugh I don't know what to do, I get everything checked out Monday, but I am stressing out until then

what do you guys think?


You have to try to relax. I know that's hard, but you are scaring yourself to death with all of the speculation. That's got to be taking up some of the energy. It sounds like mono. In addition, any infection will cause your glands to swell slightly, so that does not necessarily mean that you have some dreaded disease. You have an appointment scheduled and perhaps they will redo the mono test. There are incidences where test results have come out false. You never know. Try to stay calm and wait for the answers from the medical professionals. You are on the right track. Maybe you have your answers already. I wish you much peace and good luck. Please get back to us and let us know what you find out.