I first started off with clumpy discharge accompanied with itching and burning so i used Monistat 7 day treatment the only help that did for me was it stopped the discharge.As i continued to itch my vagina lips for some reason turned white with little red spots i was very irritated, so once my vagina went back to its natural color i ended up getting white tiny bumps everywhere they don't burst nor did they have fluid they were everywhere , ohh yea above my clitoris became very raw it was very stingy and wet and when it started healing it started crusting off but after everything in certain places i had little scabs above hairs that were easy to peal it was near my vagina it was upper like near my clitoris and at the top of my vag lips but heres a pic what does it look like my issue is, please help and I'm making an appointment soon ohh yea and during my 7 day yeast treatment my menstrual came on