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hello i am 32 my boy friend &i use condoms but as of lately i have noticed some discomfort little soreness/itching runny white discharge when i pee/an now green clumpy discharge no oder iam puzzled


Hi there! I have no idea what’s up with the green urine….once I read that means excessive vitamin in the body….but not sure if this is your case

As for the white, clumpy discharge….itchiness….i am almost positive it is yeast infection but it could be bacterial vaginosis as well….neither of these conditions are std….but it could be caused by prolonged sex, even sensitivity on condom, also excessive washing and douching down there, antibiotic treatment, …what it happened actually is that your vaginal flora is “disturbed”….there is an over growth of fungus ( yeast infection) or bacteria (vaginosis) that already live in vagina….

This is just my opinion….because I had both….first yeast, that was not treated and it progressed to vaginosis….i additionally had an awful odor

I wouldn’t be buying anything from a pharmacy on my own if I were you because these two treatments differ….one is bacteria, another fungus…, a visit to a gyno would be a smart choice…