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I have had swollen upper eyelids upon awakening for about 6 months now. It used to be on and off, and now it is almost every day. Sometimes they are so puffy, it is frightening, other times it is mild. I have to ice them every day.

Here's the symptoms:
--from mild to severe swelling of upper eyelids--for months
--no scaling or redness
--no itching, although I do blink a lot
--used to be light crusting and discharge on my eyelashes, but I rarely have that any more
--before this happened, I had noticed a brown/bronze discoloration of my eyelids

I did see a doctor and a dermatologist and neither knew anything, or took it seriously. I used an anti-bacterial salve in my eye, and Patinol eyedrops. I have tried washing with baby shampoo and dandruff shampoo. None of this made a difference.

I have been taking Ambien and Lunesta for a couple years now. Could that be related? I noticed that the long list of Lunesta symptoms mentions facial edema. I looked at all the other posts here about eyelid swelling, but none of them seem to apply to me.

Any help would be so appreciated.



I just happened upon this...I wonder if you might have Thyroid Eye Disease...if your eyes water by day and your lids swell by night?


i have the same problem and i was told it was a fungus and to use lamasil, so far it works, just use some moisturizing creme, because it makes it dry when you use it but maybe it will work


It sounds like blepharochalasis especially because of the brown-bronze discolouration. The fungal treatments won't work because they help blepharitis. They don't know what causes blepharochalasis and the only treatment seems to be eyelid surgery once the swelling stage is over.