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Okay this happend a few day's ago
i woke up one morning and felt my palm's,in between my fingers,and the top of my hand's start ichying
I looked at my hand's very closely and there were tiny bubble like bumps just like blister's all over my hand's and they where fairly ichy
so i went to the doctor's and he didn't say much he prescribed me a cream called elocon i had to apply it two time's a day and also but some moisturising cream for the skin for it to not get dry i am on my second day and these bumps have appeared to get bigger not very big just a tiny bit bigger then what it was on the first day and also they have spread through out the whole hand and just a bit on my arm.
I just tryed poping one and the liquid inside was not like what normal liquid in blisters.
it look a little like a gewy clear liquid and fairly thick

I'm only 15 and i am freaking out this is horrid
plus it started happening during the season change it's summer soon
and i live in australia so it get's very hot in summer.

So anyone have the same issue please reply repost?
this is sooo bloody strange



I get the same thing and I was told it is Pompholyx. Go see a dermatologist


I get it too every summer & im only 16 it doesn't really hurt until I bother them (but 1 friendly little reminder don't irritate them or more will come.) Someone told me it can be caused by stress & others said it because of open wounds or some sort of reaction to dishwashing liquid.If you figure out a remedy or something to stop it plz reply back!!