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I have little clusters clear papules on the palms of my hands sometimes they itch and they get a little brown spot in the middle of them then they turn white and peel away what could this be


Hello Lori,

There are so many diseases and different causes of palm rash, so it would be best if you saw a dermatologist to try to figure out what this could be.

It could be an “ordinary” contact dermatitis, meaning that the rash was just a reaction to an irritant and that it would keep reappearing until you figure out what that irritant was and get rid of it. Then it could be heat rash that usually goes away on its own in a few days. It could be stasis dermatitis, which is a type of eczema or seborrhea dermatitis (dandruff, which can appear on places other than the scalp).
Other causes include dry skin, HIV infection, syphilis, bacterial meningitis, skin cancer, etc
In order to determine the cause, you must be seen by a specialist.