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Since 18, ive had rash flare-ups on face that comes and goes. I havent had them for 4 years, but now, it's back. My dermatologist says its sebborhic dermatits, but I read the descriptions for it and it doesnt quite fit. Im taking tetracycal as an oral medication and stiemycin and miconazole for topical treatment. I only have a little bit on my forehead, the sides of my chin, but the concentration is along the t-zone cheek area. when it flares-up, it becomes red and clump-like. when it gets better, the clumps separate and the redness slowly disappears. Can anyone help me know what is it, the cause and treatment?


If you don't believe your dermatologist, you should seek second opinion. Skin diseases are impossible to figure out without seeing, bare in mind that there are over 2000 of them.

Only a professional could help you figure out what this could be.