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For the past few years my throat is constantly itchy. Now it's itchy and sore, to the point that I wake up at night to clear my throat. I looked in the mirror and I see small blister looking things in the back of my throat. I went to the doctor, but he told me it looks normal and doesn't see what I'm talking about. So now I feel like I'm crazy... but I'm not.. I really feel discomfort in my throat and it's really annoying.. does anyone know what this could be??



You have to understand that many people when have problems in the throat and don’t have a flu or cold think that they might have a cancer or a tumor inside the throat. The fact is that this doesn’t happen often. You have to know also that swellings in the throat are usually caused by some infections that might be bacterial or viral. The blisters that you have are mostly just caused by bacteria which you can easily treat with antibiotic medication. You can also see your doctor to run some test and to see what is the real cause of the problem that you have.


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