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I have what looks like a blister but the dead skin on top of it comes off when i  rub it. It hurts bad and bleeds. I have two one on the outside of my lip and the other on the inside of my lip. I've had it for about 3 days. My partner has kissed me and has not gotten it, so it isnt spreadable. When i try to put chapstick on my lips, it covers the red spot and turns it into a blister.



The thing that you have described does sound like oral herpes but if you tested and it showed that it was negative than we have to rule out this one. There are other causes of blisters on lips. For instance if you have some hormonal imbalance in your body your might have a blister on your lips. The fact is that you need to get rid of this and I would suggest trying to boost your immune system with lot of vitamin C to avoid any infection spreading around your body. You have to understand that this might be caused by an infection that you might get from dirty hands or similar things.

I hope that this was helpful in any way.