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My baby toe has been swollen for the last week or so now. I at first thought that I just had a blister but now I am not sure as it's not forming a pocket of fluid. It is just swollen, itchy, red and it does hurt when I walk. Is this not a blister? should I maybe go and see a doctor? or just bandaid it up the next time i go out?



I am not really sure what could this be. The most swelling come from the injuries of fractures of the toes. I think that you might even have some sort of irritation or some allergic reaction to something. Have you used any new product that could’ve caused this problem? If you don’t have any pain than this means that your bones and muscles are fine. The main problem is just in the skin. You need to see your doctor in order to find out what this really is. Have you used any ice to get rid of the swelling? I hope this helped in any way.


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