I have been one of the many suffering from BV ( Bacterial Vaginosis ) due to the insertion of Mirena IUD. One year ago I had it inserted, my Gyno suggested it due to the fact that I have horrible cramping during my period. Three weeks after the instertion, I got this horrible thick fishy rotten smelling discharge. After a trip to the Gyno and a seven day antibiotic it clear up. But bamn, four weeks later it returned again. More antibiotics and Gyno visit bills. After a five month battle I finally had it. I did research. Lots and lots of deep research on natural cures to BV and the exactly balances of the vagina and what cause yeast and bacterial infections. So a basic run down, you have natural things present in your vagina. Good and bad bacteria, yeast, and a PH level. An imbalance of the PH can cause oder, simple things such as soap, lubercarion, sperm, and water can throw off your PH. Yeast is present, when an over growth of yeast occurs, you experience itching, burning, thing cottage cheese resembling discharge. Keep yourself clean, dry and wear cotten panties to keep that yeast in check. And finally, the precious balance of the good and bad bacteria. In my cause, the mirena was causing the over growth of bad bacteria, which is what causes BV. The bad bacteria can over grow from sex, dirty hands, and the list goes on. And to the point of me writing this. I wanted to share a secret, an at home cure for reoccuring BV from Mirena, because let's faces it, doctor bills are annoying. First, do to your local pharmacy, Walmart, or meijer and pick up Rephresh PRO-B PROBIOTIC feminine supplement. It balances your yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health, just one supplement a day. But when the BV break thru, I mix half water and half hydrogen peroxide and douche, this oxodizes the bad bacteria and eliminates oder. Then I soak a tampon in plain yogurt for ten minutes, yogurt is packed with good bacteria, were trying to balance it out so more good is a plus. I insert it and leave it in for 45 minutes. One with is out I insert a v essentials PH balance suppository to fix my PH. I repete this once a day for three days and my infection is gone. Once taking the supplements every day the occurance of the BV infection decreased dramatically. Hope this helps lady battling with I have been until I found this margin at home remadey.