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my vagina was itchy so i itched, but then noticed a bump right by my vulva. it hurt for a day, my right labia swelled a little, it hurt to wipe after peeing, and it hurt when touched. it was somewhat painful but then it went away in 1 1/2 day. is this herpes? i did have unprotected sex 6 weeks ago. but after looking up information, it didn't seem to add up. also, i went to the doctor 3 days after i discovered the bump and she said it was herpes or an ingrown hair. but she didn't see anything wrong, except i did have a bacterial infection, which is common with me. im so scared and can't eat or sleep.


You need to talk more with your doctor.
If she drops this type of a bomb on you she needs to deal with your feelings and concerns over this.

You can't just tell a person it might be herpes and goodbye.

I'd return to her and get some counseling on what else you must do or options you have.

Good luck!