Does this look like a hair bump or does this look like an outbreak it started out as a burning sensation on my labia the outside part and then I could fill a lump under the skin so I started to use hot compresses it finally came up as a bump but it never will come to ahead so I have to keep using hot compresses try to pop it would not pop so I kept using hot compresses finally I was able to pop it with a needle and blood came out and white/clear liquid never had a scab over it but I could see a hair in it I'm not sure if this is herpes or if this is an ingrown hair because I do see hair right in middle I have been tested twice I have positive for igg HSV one negative iggHSV-2 the first time tested again and I was negative both hsv1- hsv2 Igm when I took the second test I took it as soon as I started feeling not good but I'm not sure what this is I also was feeling cramping left side pelvic rectum pressure constipation and tingling sensations in my labia and in my legs I also had lot discharge smelled like ammonia doctor said it was infection by time she seen bump it was healed She put me in antibiotics and fungal medicine it helped a lot but after I still felt stinging sensation on my outer labia I asked her put me on valtrax just see if this would help she did not want to do that because she said I don't have herpes but she gave it to me anyway I took them for two days stopped because I was still stinging so I shaved my pubic area and have been feeling fine but I'm not sure if it was valtrax or me shaving that stopped the stinging  what do u think please help this has runied my relationship with my boyfriend I have worried myself sick !