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I have been dealing with my Jones fracture now for 12 weeks.I am 5 weeks post op,having the screw put in.When should I try and start walking normal being able to put weight on my foot.I still have some pain at the incision but none in my foot where the bone broke...I feel like the PA at the ortho office is just giving me the run around,the only thing she has said to me is just give it another 30 days none weight bearing.I still have not talked to the Dr. during this whole ordeal..



If I am not mistaking here Jones fracture is a fracture of the diaphysis of the fifth metatarsal of the foot. How displaced is your fracture? I know that you can treat this with just wearing a cast on your leg, and after some time you will get better. Also more severe cases need surgery to fix the problem. I think that you need to take more calcium supplements in order to have stronger bone. Calcium will help with the treatment as well. I think vitamin D might also be helpful in your case as well. I hope that this helped you in any way possible.


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