I scheduled an appointment to see my doctor because I had been bleeding nonstop since August. It started off brown with pink tissue in small clots, and some days now there is still brown blood or very little, however today was there was fresh red blood that had bled through my underwear. I went into the bathroom and I had cervical and abdonimal pain. I sat up from the toilet and the water was stained red.

When I went to see her she refused to give me a pap smear or do a physical. She said there was no point because I was bleeding, but I told her I was there because I WAS bleeding. She told me to call and reschedule in 3-4 weeks once I had stopped bleeding. There would have been no point to my appointment if I had not been bleeding. This is following a 5 month period where I had no menstrual cycle. I had been having unprotected sex with my husband prior to the start of the bleeding, I last took a pregnancy test a month ago and it was negative. I have been having nausea, insomnia, BAD backpain, heavy bleeding, brown discharge, a terrible smell, and abdominal cramping. She refuses to help me and because I'm military I'm stuck with her.

Can anyone help me? Does this sound like something I should go to the emergency room for?

Thank you.