hi just wondering if anyone can help me i had sex 2days after my period at least 4 times with my bf and a week later 5 times and week after that 4 times we didnt use a condom at all while i was waiting for my next period to come ive been having signs i think well ive been having headache for like 3 weeks now had backache on my left side couldnt move at all everytime i did it would hurt think i had cramps/period pains not sure but it was for 2 days i felt sick all the time hungry after half hour of eating something ive been tired a lot boobs are quite sore weein more then i would do ive googled these and all came back about could be pregnant but ive come on my period 20th january and im 2 days early could this mean i could be pregnant i was gonna take a test if i didnt come on my period on the 22nd but im not sure and ive had hot flushes while havin sex and im only 23.. can any one help thanks :)