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I gave my boyfriend a hand job and he cummed a bit i wiped it on my leggings and continue. Giving him the hand job. When I was done I wiped my hand on my leggings & touched a lot of things with the same hand like doors and my phon like 20 minutes later I touched my vagina gently and it was wet. Because I was having an orgasm when I realized what I had done I pulledleggings and put germ x on my hands And went to the bathroom and peed and cleaned myself with toilet paper. I've heard that sperm can get you pregnant even when dry but I have also heard that it dies when it dirties please let me have honest answers.  


relax as you wont get pregnant. sperms clot when they come in contact with air so there are -100% chances of you conceiving. sperms need to dig deep inside the vagina so that they can travel their journey