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Before i say anything i would like to say that both me and my boyfriend are virgins and do not plan to become sexually active for a LONG TIME :) Okay so me and my boyfriend were sitting down together and we kissed for a bit and then I could see a small wet patch on his trousers. I touched the wet patch to tell him and he told md it was precum, i rubbed my fingers together and stickiness and wetness had dried. An hour later I did some shopping and came home. I went to the bathroom ( sorry for the detailed info ) and I jad some discharge right at the top of my nether reigon, i wiped it with the same hand i used to touch my boyfriend with, is there any chancd I could get pregnant?? Extra info My hand was not near my vagina so I didnt touch it and after I touched the top of my downstairs i wiped myself with tissue also My period should be starting either this week or next week and I have polycistic ovaries Also 2 days after this happened, I went to the pharmacist and she told me that it was virtually impossible to fall pregnant so she didnt give me the pill


Hi Han,

I support your pharmacist.  It would be virtually impossible.

Sperm, if there was any in the precum, dies when it dries. 

Hope it helps.