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I'm a guitar player and I give lessons at a local school. Yesterday I was teaching some kids and there was something about my pick that was bothering me, a very tiny plastic thing was coming out of it. I decided to cut it off with my teeth but then I swallowed it (not on purpose ofc). Right on that moment I felt something wasn't right because I could sense that little thing stuck in my throat... Now I've eaten, drinked, coughed and I still feel it. I've had a terrible night because of that and I don't know what do, I can't see it in the mirror with a flashlight, it really should be something so small I wouldn't even notice it, why am I feeling this bad? thanks in advance.


Hi Guitar,

See your doctor.  They can take a look down your throat and see if the piece has gotten stuck.

Sometimes too, minor scratches from a sharp object can make you THINK that you have something stuck.

Good luck.