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today i found a white jelly discharge in my thongs. i lost my virginaty about 2 months ago and have never seen it befor i was on the pill but i got off it about a week ago and havent had sex since. what could this mean?


I am not exactly sure what your situation is, but I had a similar issue a few years ago. It could just be a sign of an internal infection, bad diet, or possiblyn STD called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). It is a very common STD and most of the time it does go undetected. It is a part of the herpes family but not all women experiance vaginal warts. I would consult your GYN & ask to be tested for HPV. I myself do have this STD & I do have a cream/jelly like discharge at times.

If it is not an STD you might also want to find out when you ovulate. When a woman ovulates she will most likely have a clear jelly discharge. Try to be extra careful that you use protection if you are having this type of discharge as you may be able to get pregnant at that time.

There are many reasons you can have different types of discharge but from my experience, the above response is my answer. I hope this helps you step in the right direction. Good Luck!