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please explain the dicease of Juandice and its cause and course of action in our body.


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Hello muthuraman!

Juandice is wrong spelled actually. True name of this condition is Jaundice (French jaune - yellow) also known as Icterus.

This condition is caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the blood and it manifests in is a yellowing of the skin, conjunctiva (whites of the eyes) and mucous membranes.

There are three different classes of causes for jaundice:

    * Pre-hepatic (hemolytic) - Caused by increased rate of hemolysis (for example malaria could be cause of hemolysis and jaundice or also certain genetic diseases)

    * Hepatic - Caused by acute hepatitis, hepatotoxicity and alcoholic liver disease (usually where bilirubin processing does not function properly)

    * Post-hepatic - Also called Obstructive jaundice or cholestasis. Mostly caused by gallstones or trematode parasites in common bile duct or pancreatic cancer and some other pancreatic diseases and conditions (in this case jaundice is caused when bilirubin removal is disturbed)

Another type is Neonatal jaundice which is harmless and could be seen in children from around second till eighth day of birth.

Anyway, I suggest that you, or other person affected with jaundice, visit your doctor as soon as possible, because of right diagnosis.