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In august bilrubin count was 2.6



sgpt=49. Other than sgpt all other liver functions were normal.

After a month my LFT be come became normal. But my bilrubin never came normal. Its always in the range of 1.5 to 3.0. With a constant direct of value 0.9.

My indirect keeps flutuating. Also my ceruloplasmin is 18.9 ( low)... The doc said it is gilbert syndrom.please help me guys :( what is my problem???


wow. that one is hard. They didn't think you had wilsons with the low serum ceroplasm? Did they say why ceroplasm is low? I know with most liver diseases, you see a rise in the direct bilirubin, which you have.  However, you also have an elevation in the indirect bilirubin, which can be seen in gilberts.  



Dear FieryFire

Gilbert’s syndrome is a common and harmless genetic disorder. Sometimes people experience occasional episodes of jaundice with it.

It is caused by a build-up in the blood of a yellow pigment (bilirubin) which is found naturally in the blood. It is formed when red blood cells break down, and usually the body removes it. In Gilbert’s syndrome, this process does not work properly.