I know that if I'm a woman who menstruates I will always have to consider the possibility of pregnancy. However, this is a more therapeutic/venting think for me.

I take Apri birth control the same time every day. My LMP was 2/28 and I got hit with pink eye, strep, and strained back muscles all at once. I was sexually active on 3/10 and 3/12, my concern is I was put originally on penicillin (which effects birth control), then switched to clarithromycin (not so much a birth control concern). Knowing this we used a condom as a back up method for both days to stay extra protected. Well, my inactive pills have come and gone and I still have not received my period. I've taken two HPT with negative results. I'm thinking of waiting another week before I take another one. However, all my usually symptoms of menstruating are present and I'm wondering if all the illness and medicine I've been put on has caused my period to be delayed pass the inactive pills.