Dr. Barbara Smith purchased LPG’s patented technology to bring patients in on a more regular basis and keep them coming back. Initially, I invested in LPG as a way to access an additional type of clientele, those who were not interested in surgery. Not only have my expectations been met, they have been exceeded. I have found, in addition to attracting new patients, the LPG equipment and Endermologie are extremely efficient when used in conjunction with liposuccion. For example, I have seen an improvement in skin condition with my liposuccion cases. I also use Endermologie during surgery to improve results in areas such as the inner calf and thigh where liposuccion results tend to be unpredictable.

Dr. Smith proposes a maintenance plan to her liposuccion patients involving the LPG treatment. For the first two months following surgery, the plan calls for ten treatment sessions, with one session per month after that. Women are more and more demanding now, she explains, ``The supplemental treatments improve the results of their surgery and undeniably increases their level of satisfaction.`` In those cases where patients are dissatisfied with liposuccion results, Dr. Smith has also found LPG to de of great benefit. Instead of performing a second surgical procedure for which she must bear the cost, Dr. Smith now initiates billable Endermologie treatments and claims it is a solution that satisfies both the patient and the physician.

LPG’s patented system of aspirated hypodermal mobilization is ideal for use in conjunction with liposuccion. Though the procedure is simple enough for a trained nurse or technician to execute, its multiple applications used before, during and after liposuccion, as well as the benefits of its whole body approach, can greatly improve results.

The unique non-invasive technique offered by LPG softens connective tissues. When used before liposuction, the procedure will facilitate penetration and movement of the canula. By stimulating the natural absorption and elimination functions, LPG’s technique also significantly reduces recovery time. Once purified and decongested, tissues can be stimulated so that their natural elasticity is restored. Specific mobilizations aimed at dynamic and repetitive stretching of the elastin fibers will tone the tissues that had been distended by fat or liquid overloads for too long. LPG not only enhances the benefits of liposuccion, which are restricted to specific localized areas, but provides the physician with a practical method for treating the whole body.

With this approach, physiological as well as cosmetic benefits are extended, enhancing the efforts of the physician and giving the patient an increased sense of satisfaction. Besides the clinical experiments that have demonstrated the efficiency of the LPG technology, countless physicians and patients can testify to its results.

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