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I wonder if anyone can give me advice has I am in chronic pain. I had my right kidney removed 7 weeks ago after kidney stones over a number of years has caused my kidney to fail. It took. 9 hour operation to remove it and it had to be removed my hand has the surgeon said it was in such a bad condition. In the last 2 weeks I am in agony at the right side of my back when I cough. I have quite a high pain threshold but this is causing me to be creased up and actually fear having to cough,sneeze etc. I also get a severe pain down the right hand side of my abdomen which this can start by any kind of movement which makes it so I can't move and have to wait for it to subside. I then after sit very still. I thought after the kidney was removed that would be the end of no sleeping and being able to move easier. How wrong was I. I was discharged from the hospital so I have no idea what to do. If there is anyone who can give me any advice I would be very grateful


I also have the same problem, I had my right kidney removed on March 13, 2013. My Urologist a Dr. Seiler said everything is OK. When I ask him about the pain he ignores me. 10 months later the pain is very severe. My pain is also in the right side of my back. I can't get a honest out on any doctor,