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My kidny stone is 4mm please explain the remove of kidny.



Brajesh Rana

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Hi, I had a number of small kidney stones that where causing some discomfort. I was referd to a uroligist who had me attend clinic for two sessions of lipotropsy. You lie on your side and the specialist positions the machine against the skin and then a series of harmless radio waves are fired at the affected area.The radio waves break up the stone(s) and pass out when you next pass water. This can be slightly uncomfortable but you feel no side affects. Once the session is over you are asked to drink plenty of water and you must go to the toilet. Do not be suprised if there is blood in your urine, this is normal and soon clears. You should be perscribed a cause of antibotics to prevent any infection.You will be right as rain with in a few hours.