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2 weeks ago I had laser surgery to remove two kidney
smaller and hard, the other very large and soft in texture. Had a stent
for a week, and it was removed two days ago. Today I have an aching
back, and am weak and upset to my stomach. Everything tastes really bad and I am not eating much. Have lost 6 pounds since surgery. Is this
normal or should I worry? Doctor said there were still some very small
pieces of the stone that will pass.


Hi there,

Kidney stones can be very problematic, both in size and in quantity. The recovery for surgery is not always easy and in many cases you will need time to have your body back to normal. The thing is that recovery for surgery to remove your kidney stones can last up to six weeks. But many feel much better after four weeks. So you are still in the early stage of your recovery and you need to be patient. This is all normal recovery process. Have you been using any medication after the surgery? Did doctor give you any pain medication for the pain that you might be having? I hope this helped a bit.

All the best,




i know what you mean, i had 8 kidney stone surgerys,my last on 2 years ago, and im still passing small pieces as well, it takes awhile, but if you have a system where your body makes kidney stones, like i have, you will loose some weight, food is the last thing you think about, when you are in great pain, some people don't believe how bad it really gets. thank you for letting me answer your post, somewhat. and take it easy friend, you are not alone. o by the way lemon s. not in a bottle squeese m and drink them. it will help you a lot with pain and dilute your urin.