Hi All!
I'm training for my first marathon and am psyched to see so many awesome runners here! So here's my problem, I'm on week 8 of my 17 week training program and my knees are hurting pretty bad. After long runs of 12 miles I can hear a clicking on my knee, it hurts to bend it, walk, etc. So I take a lot of Advil, ice it, do ham and quad exercises, and there is slight improvement.

So my question is, is it OK if I just do 2 runs a week? I plan on doing just my long runs (12+ miles) and a short run (4 miles). This deviates from my training plan, which averages 30 miles + per week. But I don't want to follow that plan becuase I don't want to overuse my knees if I don't have to. On my non-running days I'll just do the elliptical or bike.

Do you think that is safe? Will I injure myself on my long runs if I have such low weekly mileage?