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Thought I'd take advantage of the collective knowledge on this site to try to come up with a decent training schedule.

My goal is 2.5km in under 10 minutes. Currently....I don't really know what I do 2.5km in, I'm guessing about 15 minutes.

This is for a physical test for a job. I have to do it in 12 minutes or less, but would much prefer to do it in 10ish.

So, what kinda training schedule should I be looking at? Spacing of rest days? Average miles? Fast/Slow breaks?

Any advice is welcomed! Thanks!

Oh, I did some searching but didn't really come across a thread that answered my questions. If there is one previously made please point me in the right direction!


2.5 K is pretty short.

I would think that concentrating on running shorter faster runs would be the best thing for you.

I would probably suggest a series of two mile runs to prepare you for this.

As far as a training schedule goes, alot of that would depend on your fitness level, and what type of running experience you have.

Just a shot in the every other day.
2 miles hard one day, rest the next...

Then, you can maybe do a timed mile every two weeks or so, and see how you are progressing.


hi i am relatively new, but ive learned that in order to increase ur times for running even short distances u need to build a base of weekly mileage....

i dont know if this helps, but there are lots of exp runners here that can help u.....



how much runnng are you at? let jetski said a good base wil be good.

if no base then run 2-3 miles a couple of times a week, then i'd reduce the milage and add speed work. still keep one long steady run a week though.

fartleks and intervals for speed work, sprint up moderate hills is a nother good speed work.

and remember you NEED recovery days. that recovery day is where the improvement is made in conjucion with recovery meals.