I have swelling above left kneecap.  I have had authroscopy (sp) surgery in both knees with a lateral release on right knee about 20 yrs ago all due to "floating fragments".  Recently have had swelling in left knee above kneecap.  Also some catching.  Pain was intense for two days, then leveled off to none now but still have some swelling (7 days later).  Can walk normally but knee will catch at times so I think probably have more "floating fragments" as was diagnosed several years back "bone on bone" in both knees. Have appointment with regular doctor tomorrow, and am going to request being sent to an orthopedic for MRI and possible authroscopy(sp) surgery to remove more fragments.  Using a cane in meantime to get around although knee does not hurt only "catches" and might fall occasionally. UGH Am 74 now had the other surgeries in my 50's.  Was up and around in 3 days after surgery and back at work after 4 days. So no problem with the surgeries.  Only hope this is the answer for my "now problem".