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Hi i am fifteen years old and have had two surgeries. my first surgery was to get my right femur shortened because it was longer than my other leg which cause arthritis. I had a rod put in my leg to support it until the bone grew back completely which took about a year. after the year was over and my bone grew back i was getting pain for the rod so they decided to remove it. this rod went from the start of my hip to the tip of the knee which then stretched my knee. Now i am having back pain in my knee and i go back to see my orthopedic surgeon in a few weeks and i'm afraid shes going to say i need a knee replacement because i cant do any physical activities and i take pain killers everyday. i don't know what else she can do for me besides a knee replacement which i don't want to have but if its my only other option i want it done. but my question to you is how many days are you in the hospital for and is it more than one surgery? plus how long is the recovery time? i really want you to answer these questions because i want to be prepared in case my doctor says i do need one done. Please let me know if there are any concerns i should be aware of with a knee replacement and if i shouldn't get it don't even if my doctor recommends it, thanks please write back asap :cry:


I hope you didn't get the knee replacement, unless it helped you. I had one done it will be 2 years come the end of July. I have permanent nerve damage, and have constant knee pain. My orthopedic surgeon had his assitant put an injection called Synvisc, It hurt so badly while he was injecting it, I was crying so hard, and begging him to stop, but he wouldn't do it. He said he had to put all of it in my knee, he didn't carea bout how much pain he was causing me. I was crying so hard, everyone that was in the office and waiting room could hear me. He said the dr. would be in after he was done making me cry....The dr. came in and said, I heard you had a bad reaction to the injection ? I was still crying my eyes at, because the pain had not gone away at all, so I just shook my head meaning yes. He told me I could stay in that room for as long as I needed . After 30 minutes, I told my friend that took me there, I just wanted to go home. I had to hop out on one foot to get to her car. I was laid up, couldn't put any weight on my left leg for a couple of weeks. Come to find out a couple of weeks ago, some people are suing dr's and the company that produced that injection for all the damage it has caused. I wish you luck, you are way to young to be suffering like way you are. I had a floating knee cap since the age of 13, always had to be careful with that knee after that.