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I keep having reoccuring swelling in first my left knee, down to my ankle,
then my left elbow, and now my right knee.
went to an orthopedic surgeon when the swelling from my left elbow
moved to a nodule in my left forearm. It was benign. went to
a clinic about my knee; they did an MRI, and said it was just a tear
that would heal, which it did. I also went to and emergency clinic near the Eisenhower Clinic about my elbow. They drained it, put me on anti-
biotics and anti-inflamatories. This moved to my elbow as I previously
described. All went away with time, but now I have a swollen right knee
after going on a trip to Ohio-lots of lugging luggage and walking up and
down stairs, etc. I am 56. Is all of this old age? I also have Chronic

Should I go to my MD?


Well, although knee swelling can be due to over use or repeated movements it could be something more serious as well. If you have injured yourself on the trip, it could have resulted in infection. Infection should be addressed immediately.
When a person suffers from arthritis, increased activities may trigger chemical reactions that lead to swelling and pain.
There could be other reasons as well like meniscal tear, cruciate ligament tear, collateral ligament tear and other inflammatory conditions like bursitis or tendonitis. Cartilage (under knee) softening a.k.a chondromalacia patella may be the cause of swelling as well.
So, if the swelling has been present for more than a few days, and you haven’t experienced any relief, I think you should see your MD.