Recently (within the last month or so), I have been having some issues with itchiness around my labia majora and mons. I suspected that the soap I was using to wash "down there" was irritating my skin, and so switched to another brand. I also took steps to make sure that I stayed more "dry" down there as well, wearing looser clothes and such, and also quit shaving my pubic hair as I thought that might be causing some irritation to the skin. This relieved the symptoms for a while, but I noticed that they are gradually coming back. Also, today, I had an obvious rash on my labia majora, and I've been noticing a slight burning sensation when I pee. I didn't think it was an STD, but the rash is scaring me. I guess I really don't know. I had sex for the first time back in June, and, of course, forgot to use a condom (although my partner claimed that he is clean), and I haven't had any sexual contact since then.