So I have had my left labia minora and majora swollen since Friday. It became too painful to walk/sit down around 3pm. I went home and took a sitz bath because I had a bartholins cyst about a year ago and I thought it was possibly another one of those. (and at this point I wish it was a bartholins cyst because this is 20 times more painful) I have tried warm/hot baths with Epsom salt, I tried icing it, I've tried pain killers and nothing works. I am 22 years old and sexually active. My boyfriend and I almost always use a condom. I say this because probably 3 days before all this started we had sex and it was pretty rough but nothing hurt or was uncomfortable during or after. Today when I went to the gyno to see if maybe she could do something to relieve the pain she told me she thought it was just an irritation from wearing spandex work out clothes and thongs.... and to give it a few days. She was not very thorough. And honestly that answer doesn't sit well with me.


Has anyone had anything like this before? And if so could you give me a timeline of when I can expect for the swelling to go down? I am desperate for some good news or anything that tells me this pain will go away at some point.


thank you!