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I found some strange lumps on my labia majora this evening. I found 4 lumps in total. The lumps were small, about 2mm in diameter. I noticed them in the shower and didn't actually use a mirror to check them at first I just sort of squeezed and pulled at one thinking that it was an ingrown hair or pimple but was surprised to see a small chunk of flesh come away in my hand. I then freaked out and used a mirror to check my vagina and pulled at the lump again and another small chunk of flesh came away in my hand. They were shaped like small skin tags all clumped together and were easily pulled out chunk by chunk (gross I know). They were soft and similar in colour and texture to the normal labial skin and I bled a fair bit after pulling them out. I have always been vigilant about using condoms and have never had unprotected sex but I am terrified that these are genital warts. I feel extremely anxious right now and am unable to sleep and was wondering whether someone could give me some peace of mind. I have done nothing but look at pictures and read about genital warts and other STDs for the last 3 hours but I can't find anything that directly matches what I have and the pictures of genital warts don't look the same as the lumps I had. Any information would be a great help. Thanks


What you are explaining is genital warts HPV.