Well it started this morning. I woke up at 6:30am and went to the bathroom. I was awake and didn't notice and bumps or problems down there. I went back to bed and woke back up at 9:00am, when I got in the shower I noticed a large shiny bump on the bottom left side of my scrotum, red-ish purple in color. I was very scared and worried of what it was. I tried popping it, it was very painful and it didn't pop. Nothing! I washed it with lots of soap. It's now 1:00am "same" day. I just popped it and all that came out was really thick blood. It was a little more orange blood then usual. It wasn't runny, It wouldn't drip off my finger. After I washed my hand off I looked down and it appeared to fill up again, so I popped it a second time. Same stuff came out. Now it just hurts to touch it or for it to run against anything. Should I be worried at all? Is this common? I'm young and have had no sexual activity. It didn't seem like puss that came out. It just an ingrown hair? I need your help! I plan on being sexually active in the near future. Help!