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I am only 14 and a little concerned about this. It started maybe less than a year ago, but I've been having issues. I can't tell whether its from wearing pads (for my period) or what. 

Its these random lumps that randomly appear either near the folds of my vagina and where my thigh and "area" meet. They come at COMPLETELY RANDOM TIMES. 

I had one, in between my left thigh and "area",  then (not knowing what it was) popped it. Clear, bloody fluid came out and not really alot of solid white puss. Before popping it, it was maybe the size of a penny. It was hard underneath. It wasn't really that red, but it looked as if my skin was shiny (probably from being stretched by the lump?) It also hurt to touch or wear panties because it would rub against it.  After popping it, the overall size of it went down a bit. It left kinda of a blueish-purpleish spot from where the hole was (where the fluid drained) then after maybe a week, it went away.

A few days later, another similar one appeared on the top right fold of my vagina. Pretty much the same characteristics as the first one. Hard underneath, clear and bloody fluid, tender, and purple-blue effect after. After a few days, it went away. The two lumps currently can't be felt or seen now. Those two have gone away. 

Going into bed to go to sleep tonight, I felt a slight pain in between my right thigh and "area". I almost immediately knew that it was another strange lump. I am currently wearing a pad (for my period) and I am not sure if this is what may be causig it. I never really kept track of the first two times to tell you if I was wearig a pad or not. It is about the size of a penny. It is also hard underneath. I just squeezed it really hard to pop it, and it was painful (as for the first two also). At first, a bloody fluid came out (not pure blood). Then after squeezing it a little more, clear fluid is coming out. Where the hole,  that the fluid came out of, is now blueish-purpleish. (A bruise maybe?) It is still pretty hard underneath and it still hurts to touch. 

I read articles ALL OVER the internet to see what it might be, but nothing helps. I didn't want to tell my mom and all about it because it will dissappearing in probably 5 days. What do yall think it could be? I saw all kinds of lymph node stuff, but I think I may be too young for that. But, I am also very scared that it could be that because my dad was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer, but is now cancer free.(we luckily caught it early). So I dont know what it could be but I dont think it could be the lymph nodes because it disappears after I drain it. Or do lymph nodes do that? Please help!


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Hi guest. By what you are describing I would say that they could be boils your getting, another thing do you shave the area that they are appearing in?


Yes I do. I have had ingrown hairs and razor burn before, but this is alot bigger than that.