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I'd like to preface this with the fact that I have not had sex. Mutual masturbation with extreme caution has led me to believe it's not pregnancy, but I'm worried the stress over my late period is prolonging it more. Maybe, but here are the facts:
I get awful PMS. It started about a year ago and comes one - two weeks before my period starts.
- tender breasts
- bloating
- vertigo (runs-in-the-family type PMS symptom)
- terrible cramps
I have PMS now. I have had it for a little over a week.
I am getting closer to exam week -- I'm very stressed.
I just traveled -- not much, Dallas to Houston and bouncing around to various houses between the two for 5 days.
My period is a little under a week late -- when do I call it "missed"? I guess my question is, what's the difference between missed and late? When does "late" become "missed"?

There are a few questions in this thread, and I apologise for that, but answers to any bit would be appreciated!


First things firsts... stress is a BIG INFLUENCE in your period. if you stress alot about not having it you might probably not see your period for as long as 1 month... or maybe more... me personally my period changes over time... i also suffer from PMS...

"Late" is when you actually get it but not at the time that your supposed to.
"Missed" is when you dont see your period at all during that month... basically you "missing it"...

you not getting your period can be lots of things like hormonal inbalance, stress, your everyday activities... and things like that.

if this doesnt help then maybe you should do some researching and see what things pop up...
but i hope i helped if i did...
<3 :-)


Hi Guest,
I guess my understanding of both missed and late periods would be the same. Just the amount of time that has passed since you last calculated when you should be getting your cycle.
There are a couple of factors here that could be causing the cycle to be late. It sounds to me from what you posted that you are under some stress.... what you stated being concerned... sometimes we can "psyche" ourselves out to that extreme. Our minds are pretty powerful in that respect.
Second, you mentioned traveling. Do you travel often, or was this just a trip for the holidays? Travel and "unusual" running about with the holidays can also throw your body off as well.
Have you started or been taking any birth control/new or continuous? Those tricky little pills can effect as well.
Also, if you have new events occuring, that also throws off that cycle. If you dont mind my asking... you mentioned the masturbation... no fulll intercourse (please dont think I am probing or being ugly).
You might want to settle your nerves and get a home pregnancy test. From what you explained though... it doesnt sound like pregnancy to me... being that you mentioned your symptoms came with each monthly cycle.
Oh, a couple more factors.... sometimes, depending on your age, there can be shifts. Also, if you have just had a baby within the last year or so, that has an effect as well. One thought also.... is different glands in the body... mentionably.... that little thyroid.
Please dont get yourself all stressed out about it. When you go for your exam, I am sure your doc can put to rest your worries.
ALSO REMEMBER.... wether or NOT you worry, the worry cannot change the circumstances, it only makes your mind sidetrack......I SHOULD KNOW. Anyway, let your mind rest and you will be able to think in a much clearer state. Because the worry wont change anything. I look forward to your return post.

DONT WORRY OR LET THE "WHAT IF'S" invade your mind,
Trials come only to make us stronger,

:-) :-) :-) :-)