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hi, i am lost, after having the leep procedure for the second time it was bad. the first procedure was uncomfortable and i didn't like it, but this time it put me in the ER. A week and two days after my procedure i went for a jog. the Dr sent me home with a piece of paper telline me i could workout after a week. So i did, a short jog, and about 20min after i got home from running i started bleeding so bad that i could get off the toiilet. i had huge clots and A LOT of blood. I ended up in the ER, waiting to be seen i passed out in the bathroom from too much blood loss and they ended up packing me with some clotting material and guaze. I am now waiting to go to my doc today, but having this stuff in me for two day is irritating and uncomfortable! has anyone else been through this, because im scared, i think want children, im only 22, i still want to make that decision on my own! please help!



As far as I know, though a LEEP doesn't affect you conceiving, it does mean that when you get pregnant, your provider needs to know that you had this procedure. Most likely, you might have to get a cerclage, which is stitching the cervix, so that it does not open prematurely. A cerclage helps keep your pregnancy to term. Hope this helps!