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about two years ago i went in for a yearly pap smear. a year later for my next one they told me that the year before i had an abnormal pap, i was very upset they didn't call me and let me know. well now i have pre cancerous cells and also genital warts. my current boyfriend who i've been with since before my abnormal pap is the only guy i have had unprotected sex with. i have read different discussions on the topic of HPV but i'm not quite understanding. from what i have read the virus never goes away but my question is, if i stay with my partner for the rest of my life and have my problems treated and resolved will the HPV break out again? i heard that once you have that strand of HPV your partner will not keep making you have the breakout as long as your not with anyone else getting a different strand?



Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus and you are right, it won't go away. You will always have it in your system. It will go dormant, for how long, it varies. It may never reappear, then again it might, with or without the same partner.

Even if you change partners you carry this strain. As long as it is dormant you won't show symptoms but they can reappear on their own.

I know I'm not giving you a clear answer. I don't think anyone really can.


hi I went for my 3 yearly pap 24th april received results 9th may saying low grade dyskaryosis and evidence of hpv infection which I cried when it came back never heard of it before.
received my appointment threw for 12th june 2013 which im really nervous and upset about.
1st smear at 25 came back normal that's why this smear result shocked me as I have no symptoms and feel ok down there just felt bit more tired but someone said that could be because your body is fighting the hpv so ive started taking my vitamins and eating healthy.
not sure bout coming off birth control as someone told me it can increase cervical cancer.
im 28 years old with 1 child