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Hey Everyone,


Long story short I graduated college, got a decent job and then all the sudden a month into it I got this really bad stabbing pain just to the left of my belly button covering about a square inch. Ironically this pain hurt worst and got excruciatingly worse the more I was in a sitting position or lying in a supine position. The problem became so bad that I had to resign from my position. This pain also improved when I started working at a restaurant I used to work at part-time. There was also an issue with constipation and stress seems to make the symptoms worse. After numerous tests such as colonoscopy, endoscopy, CT, X-Ray, and Hida Scan the conclusion was that this was maybe a gallbladder issue as my gallbladder was functioning at 4%... After seeing three different doctors a D.O. I went to decided after initially not being convinced it was the gallbladder (neither was I), decided that it was worth a shot and he would do an "exploratory" of the abdominal cavity... So during surgery he finds adhesions that had been crushing my large bowel for years. Apparently I was born with it as it is sometimes a product of being born premature. Now two weeks after simultaneous gallbladder surgery and the clipping off of my bowel adhesions I all the sudden got this really sharp, burning, tearing pain at the same spot on my belly button. I have scheduled an appointment for this Thursday... My guess is that maybe the adhesions are back or my intestine still has to adjust to the excess bile flow...These are my suggestions. Any ideas or similar experiences?


PS: I am a 24 year old male. Suffered from CFS, prostate inflammation, and food allergies since the age of 16. Besides that absolutely no other digestive issues besides some bloating and lack of appetite


i think i would get a second opinion first before any more surgery