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I got my belly button pierced a long time ago, for my 16th birthday actually, and I have never had any problems with it other than the fact I don't like it all that much now, 15 years later. All of a sudden this lump has started developing near the pierced area, like an infection or something. Have any of you any experience with this kind of thing?



I'm in a similar position, right down to the fact that I got a belly button piercing on my 16th birthday, no kidding! I wore a belly button piercing until about eight years ago, when it fell out and I lost it, and I never replaced it after that. The hole is still open, and sebum comes out when I press it. Now recently, I noticed a lump. From what I see on the web, it may be a cyst or pimple unrelated to the belly button piercing, but I am planning to see a dermatologist to have it checked out in either case.