Sorry if the subject title is a bit confusing. Im not so good in english and some terms, but please bear with me. 

My left eye seems to be going left.. When I was in college, I used to sometimes wear glasses with +1.5. I dont have any recommendation from an opta to use it but when i wear it i can see the texts more clearly. Now that i am overseas and have work, Im mostly in front of the PC (i dont have the glasses anymore), but when I look at the mirror, the black of my left eye seems to not to look straight, instead its a bit to the left. I want to go to the opta but my sister said doctors here(in my present location) charge very high but doesn't solve the problem anyway and will only be making it worst(she actually said, they are dumb). What should I do except going to the doctor? Im more afraid of my sister finding that out than my actual problem. Is it ok to use hot compress at night?