I've tried and tried to find a VERY quick and easy way to do a crease with eye shadow on any types of deep set eyes? mines not totally deep set, my type is where it goes in but there is that extra piece of skin on the side, i'm not a girly girl and rarely wear makeup but sometimes a girls gotta wear it anyway for like job interviews and such, i've watched quite a few videos trying to figure out the easiest way to do it but so far it's FAR too confusing... i just want to make my eye shadow look a bit more interesting rather than just rubbing my finger in the pallet then spreading it across my eyelids lol, i got the Eco Tools Essential Eye Set so i've now got a proper set of brushes, i'm no good at things like makeup, could someone tell me the name of a website, YTuber or something that knows a uncomplicated, simple way to do a quick ass crease with 1 or 2 colors with a bit of eyes shadow? lol, because i'm just no good at this and confused.