10 years ago I crushed the nerves in my feet. The right one could be lived with pain wise. In the left foot the pain is so severe that without pain medications I'm not sure that I could go on. (use your imagination) I have a wonderful NP at a pain clinic here for the past 4 years since moving from California. While in California I had been told that the damage was so severe that there was no repair possible. The local hospital set up a Dr. that specialized in micro neurology. He looked to be 18 but if he was good enough for the hospital to hire him, I figured if he said he could repair it, he most likely could! I was willing to try anything. Dr. Michael Edwards assured me he could do it. I asked the chances and he said 98%. The man in the moon could of told me it wasn't possible and I would have tried it anyway. Not only Dr. Edwards assured me of it, but he had someone that did all sorts of testing to show my insurance company how great the damage was. The surgery was done, and sadly, when I returned for my weekly post surgery check, he said it would just take a little longer for the healing to take place. The same thing was done after my request at 4 weeks, nothing had changed. By the sixth week, he had been arrested for forging prescriptions. His license had been revoked, and office was permanently closed. I would have tried to do more about it, but within a couple of months of the revocation of his license I found myself being transported a couple hundred miles to a trauma center because I was having difficulty breathing. Double bacterial pneumonia, not good. They told my husband most likely I wouldn't make it, and so the family gathered. I was in a medically induced coma for the next week. A week later I was recovering nicely. :-)

My friends continue asking me to go to a specialist, or how about a special specialist??? I'm very grateful for the medications they give me which allow me to walk with a cane. I feel like this is a silly question after reading so many emails. Has anyone been told their nerves couldn't be repaired and then they were? Do you know of anyone? When we moved to Utah the Dr. head of the pain clinic was beyond angry at the Dr. that performed the surgery. I told him I didn't think he'd being making anymore mistakes anytime soon. I found out after my month long stay in the hospital that some were gathering to sue him and was invited. At that point I was to worn out to fight it. To this day I wear oxygen each night.

Also, 25 years ago I was no longer able to work. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes. I'm guessing my job in this life to show others that you could live patiently with pain. I've been told this, but I'm tired of being tired and the pain from head to toe. I am grateful for a number of medications and friends that are supportive.

Thanks so much for reading my story. I'd love to hear from anyone that could be of help or needs support for whatever reason.

((((((gentle hugs))))))