I am sitting up at the computer typing this. A week ago, I was in so much pain I slept little - pain waking me out of dead sleep - I slept maybe in two or three hour shifts, ate less - jello, ramen, or nothing and it still hurt, Constant cramping, nausea, vomiting - when my body let me eat to throw anything up. Before Dr. Hogan removed my gallbladder I was hurting 24/7. Sleep, Food, everything was effected. I met Dr. Lal roughly the 2nd week of Oct. Had a Endo/Colon done on the 18th of Oct, then a CT with contrast sometime later in Oct. Nov. 3rd I had the Hida scan done. It showed that my gallbladder was working basically at 1% As that is all the tracer showed. I met Dr. Hogan on the 14th & he had me in surgery on the 16th. So I'm still recovering but I'm sleeping a hell of a lot better. I get my staples out the 28th. Food - not all but some still tastes weird - not quite like it's supposed to taste. Two days after surgery had my first dr pepper - Kinda a letdown but I know from reading stories things go back to normal generally after about 4-7 days sometimes longer sometimes less. I've mostly been eating what I figured my stomach could handle. Jello, Cup of Noodle - another disappointment it didn't have that same good taste to me lol. The only thing I have not done since surgery is had a BM. But I also know that it wants to come - even sitting here now I feel like I need to but I'm kind of afraid to strain and pop my staples out lol. I know part of the problem is the pain meds slowing things down, But I had been diagnosed with IBS since about 2010 - We are discovering I may not have IBS I may have been experiencing issues with my gallbladder for years that wasn't discovered til moving from south Carolina to Georgia.I am grateful for Dr. Hogan & Dr. Lal for within a month figuring out and removing the problem. I had been running a fever off and on through-out having the gallbladder issues. I had to call the office & speak with Dr. Hogan who was thankfully on call that morning. I was scheduled to be at the hospital at 5:30 it was 3am & I was running 103 fever. My fever went down some but he told me to come in & he'd get the gallbladder out of me fever or not. By the time I got there it was 100 point something but I was just relieved that despite the fever that had me so out of it I was going to get help/relief. I've had pain that I didn't expect from the surgery. It was only my second major one where they have to knock you full out and put the tube down  your throat. Since Friday I've been up, moving about - been told I can't lift, bend, etc til middle of December and I understand why. I'm so grateful for Dr. Hogan & Dr. Lal because they have taken a sick person and made them well. I am happily waiting to have a BM but I also know without a lot of fiber in me, etc but Im' afraid to push and pop something out.