I was working out about over a month ago and have stopped since. Now my stomach area felt tight as I was working out.

I was laying in the bed one night touching my left rib cage area and noticed that when I move my skin up and down, I felt a lump. It has me scared. I sometimes also have a pain right under my breast, which it is not bad and then I been having a pain right under my left rib area towards the top. These pains don't hurt but just annoy me. Plus this lump I felt under my rib cage area and it seems like it is movable but not sure. Not sure if I am just paranoid now that I feel these pains or what.

I do smoke cigs but have cut down a lot.

I am just scared between the lump I felt and the pains in the two areas. Can anyone help me out?? I am 34 yrs old.