In 1995 at the age of 35, I had to have a total colectomy due to colonic inertial. I've managed well, except one bought that sent me to the hospital for a week. My stomach was very distended and I was in enormous pain. They put a drain from nose into stomach and NPO for, this was done in hopes of giving my intestines a rest and avoid further surgery. I was told after initial surgery that the disease wasn't limited to the large intestine, it just wasn't affecting the small intestine. I've slowly gotten sicker and sicker with my only method of having a bowel movement is enemas (and sometimes the fluid from enema doesn't even come out.) I was in the hosptial for 4 days about a month ago due to a SEVERE IMPACTION. I felt like my old self again, actually had my clothes fit. That lasted about a week. I'm very sick with vomitting, nausea, bad pain in right side that comes and goes, Is there anyone that is about ten years post operative that can help me. The hospital had me on Miralax - 2times daily, a stool softner two times daily. They told me to play around with the amounts until my stools weren't diarrhea but not hard to pass. That hasn't worked yet and once again, my only hope is enemas.